The research on aquatic organisms uses DNA sequencing, microsatellite genotyping, genomics or transcriptomics to understand the evolution and maintenance of spatial patterns in relation to environmental factors.

Ongoing projects:

  1. A genomic appraisal of the stock structure of South African sardines
  2. Conservation genetics of the endangered Knysna seahorse
  3. Seascape genetics of temperate Australian invertebrates
  4. Co-evolution of mangroves and mangrove-associated crabs
  5. An investigation of edge-center population dynamics in marine mussels
  6. Barcoding of South African sponges

New projects:

  1. Mesoscale connectivity of South African marine mussels
  2. Hybridisation of marine biota in response to climate change
  3. Female philopatry in the raggedtooth shark, Carcharias taurus
  4. Connectivity between ephemeral ponds in the world’s largest copepod
  5. Genetic connectivity of Gauteng’s groundwater communities, with implications for managing acid mine drainage